Tricks for a Claim Free April Fool's Day

Most April Fool's jokes and pranks come from a place of good fun, but some situations can cause damage to someone’s health, property, or even their job. To avoidOIP costly insurance claims, steer clear of pranks would be considered vandalism and destruction of personal property. There’s a fine line between a harmless prank and felonious property damage. Here are a few pranks to avoid and ways to avoid damages from April Fools' Day.

False Memos and Deadlines – Avoid causing your colleagues, family, and friends unnecessary stress with false news. This can be anything like telling them a project is suddenly due, which will cause stress and possible other health-related issues, or telling them that a certain dress code or rule has been lifted. This could result in them getting in trouble which is its own sort of stress and hassle. 

The Classic “Peek-A-Boo” - Your clever idea to hide in a closet or behind a cubicle, to attempt to scare a friend or co-worker could lead to complications. If your friend becomes startled and falls or hurts themselves on your property, you could be liable. As a result, you could be responsible to pay their medical expenses or even legal damages if they decide to sue. That’s a hefty price to pay for a simple joke.

Don’t Cry Wolf - Faking a fire or robbery is a quick way to lose your job or work your family and friends into a stressed state. Don't create an emergency that could cause panic or put people in danger. 

Protect Your Property - April Fools' Day is often a day for vandalism that includes damages to cars such as egging, saran wrapping the car, or even broken windows. Keep your vehicle off the street and keep it locked and parked in the garage. If your vehicle is vandalized, contacting your insurance agent will help you find out if the damage is covered under your policy.

When you plan your next trick, remember these situations to protect yourself and those involved.