Insurance Careers for New College Grads

Finishing college and starting your job hunt can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. To celebrate the last week of Insurance Careers Month, we wanted toUntitled design (31) share with you some ideas from MyPath for finding a job in the insurance field that you may not have thought of before. Insurance is not just agents, there are a host of opportunities that you should explore when starting out on a career path. 

Here are a few entry-level jobs that you might not have thought about that can be a good fit for professionals fresh out of college (source).

Insurance Sales Representative 

Insurance sales representatives are among the best entry-level jobs for college graduates for a number of reasons. Most notably, they are often able to determine their own hours. High-paying positions can be further boosted by commissions.

Day to day, an insurance sales representative is tasked with generating new business. That might include calling prospective clients, analyzing their needs, and settling claims. These positions require analytical and communication skills, making sales a good choice for a variety of different majors.

Entry-level Claims Examiner 

A claims examiner is an investigator who settles disputes, ensures regulatory compliance, and determines if errors were made during an appraisal. A background in finance, business, or accounting is advantageous, but not necessary. It also helps to have strong attention to detail, as well as communication and interpersonal skills.

One reason why claims examiners' positions are a good job for college graduates is that their career track is somewhat linear, and it provides plenty of room for growth. That means, with experience, you can expect a considerable rise in earning potential.

Customer Service Representative 

Sooner or later, a business’ customers will have questions, complaints, or comments. Customer service representatives serve as the face of a company, processing those concerns and helping customers to solve their problems.

People who excel in these positions are able to stay calm under pressure, have active listening skills, and have strong attention to detail. Many of these skills can be learned with almost any bachelor’s degree, though patience, interpersonal skills, and extraversion all can help you thrive in these positions. The skills you develop in this field are also highly transferable among other positions, making this a great position to start your career.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is someone who designs and implements the strategy behind a brand’s marketing. Marketing managers often have a background in marketing, business, or communication. And these positions require critical thinking, communication skills, and a familiarity with marketing.

But it is the flexibility that makes marketing managers among the best entry-level jobs for college graduates. Marketing managers can work in-house, for an agency, or even freelance. That kind of versatility supports a good work-life balance and allows you to consider entering several different kinds of working environments.

You can find many kinds of entry-level jobs for college graduates, but it can be tough to narrow down which kind of career might work well for you. For people who are still searching for a career path to follow, it’s definitely worth checking out some less obvious opportunities, like which kind of insurance career roles might fit you.

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