Independent Contractor & Inspector Resources

How to become an approved independent SCSH inspector and/or contractor:

Independent Inspector and Contractor Application Process

  • The SCSH Program requires each inspector and/or contractor to complete the SCSH training program in addition to holding the appropriate state licensures. SCSH requires each applicant to be licensed by the state of South Carolina and provide proof of that licensing.
  • Complete the electronic Participating Wind Inspector/Contractor Enrollment form provided below.
  • Read the Code of Conduct for SCSH Participating Contractors & Inspectors.
  • Complete the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form.
  • Read and complete the Contractor/Inspector Participation Agreement.
  • Complete the Absence of Criminal Record form.
  • Familiarize yourself with the SC Safe Home Grant Program Guidelines.
  • Attend each annual mandatory recertification training.
  • First-time applicants must pay a registration fee at the time of training. More information regarding payment will be given at the time that each training session details are sent out.