Insurance Company

Please complete the NAIC Uniform Certificate of Authority (UCAA) Application. Questions should be directed to

State-Specific Information

  • Provide an explanation as to why each of the applicant's most recent NAIC IRIS ratios was outside the usual range for that ratio, and explain the steps taken by the applicant to bring each of the unusual ratios back into the usual range.
  • Provide the applicant's response to each of the examiners' comments and/or recommendations as contained in its most recent Financial Report on Examination.
  • The applicant must have continuously and actively transacted an insurance business for at least three years immediately prior to making application
  • The applicant must have shown a net gain from operations in the calendar year immediately prior to making application.
    • Please note: The director may waive if the applicant will write a line or lines of insurance not readily available to the citizens of South Carolina, and it can be clearly demonstrated that their interests are fully protected; is a wholly-owned subsidiary or affiliate of an insurer which has been licensed and operating profitably in South Carolina for at least three years; or is a continuing corporation resulting from merger or consolidation of insurance companies, at least one of which has been organized and actively engaged in insurance business in the state of its organization for at least three years prior to date of application for admittance.