Emergency Adjuster and Re-Entry Permitting

Bulletin 2022-11: Notice of Unusual Circumstance/Catastrophe Insurance Declaration for South Carolina due to Hurricane Ian for the Purposes of Licensing Temporary Adjusters and Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers

Appointment & Application

The South Carolina Department of Insurance coordinates recovery efforts with the state's Emergency Management Division. If South Carolina incurs damages from a natural disaster requiring the entry of unlicensed non-resident emergency adjusters, the Director will issue a bulletin outlining the emergency adjuster procedures that must be followed before deploying emergency adjusters into our state.

Once the Director of Insurance has declared that the use of temporary, non-resident adjusters may be necessary, insurers may immediately appoint emergency adjusters without them first being authorized by the Department. Before appointing emergency adjusters, however, insurers must first utilize licensed resident and non-resident South Carolina adjusters to their fullest extent in handling catastrophe claims.

The initial emergency adjuster appointment may not exceed 120 days from the date of the initial appointment. If an extension is granted, the system will allow users to reprint the reentry permits with a new expiration date.

Insurers can print their SCDOI Emergency Adjuster and/or Appraiser permits by logging into their Online Services Account.  Instructions can be found below:

Online Emergency Adjuster/Appraiser Reentry Permitting Process

Please note:  Emergency permits for non-SC licensed adjusters must be obtained by the insurers/carriers.  Non-SC licensed individuals and other business entities cannot directly obtain emergency permits.  Please contact the insurer/carrier responsible for your permit and request that they send you a copy.

New Company Users:

  • To create a new account, visit the SCDOI Help Desk and request a new user account and access rights to Emergency Adjuster Permits (include NAIC or SC Company Code, Company Name (insurer/carrier responsible for adjuster), Full Name, Job Title, Email Address and Phone Number).
  • Once you have obtained user ID and access rights, proceed to logging in and processing Emergency Adjuster Permits.

Existing Company Users:

  • Login to your Online Services Account.
  • If you know your UserId, but don't remember your password, you can enter your UserId and select Forgot Password to reset. You will be asked to enter your email address and confirm. 
  • Confirm that you have access rights to Emergency Adjuster Permits.  If not, visit the SCDOI Help Desk and request access rights to Emergency Adjuster Permits (include NAIC or SC Company Code, Company Name (insurer/carrier responsible for adjuster), Full Name, Job Title, Email Address and Phone Number).
  • Login and process Emergency Adjuster Permits.

SC Licensed (Resident & Non-Resident) Adjusters/Appraisers:

  • Once an emergency event has been declared, login to your Online Services Account.
  • Select Licensed Adjuster Emergency Reentry Permit option (this option will not be there if there has not been an event declared).
  • Click Add Adjuster Permit and our system will add the current emergency event so you can print your permit.
We will not be able to process requests with incomplete information.  Need help? Learn how to process your Emergency Adjuster Permits by reading our step-by-step instructions.