What should be recorded under “total policies in force”?
"Total policies in force" is meant to be the overall total number of policies in force at the end of each month. It should be evaluated at the end of the month and should be equivalent to the total policies in force at the start of the month (i.e. end of the previous month) plus adjustments due to new policies, renewals (including reinstatements), and all types of cancellations made during the month.

Please note that it is not the sum of new policies and renewals minus cancellations. This would imply that there were no policies in force before the date range requested in the data call, all renewals were reinstatements, and there were no cancellations made by the insured (e.g. no lapses).

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1. When should a new policy / policy change be recorded if it has been booked / processed but the change does not become effective until the future? What if it is effective retro-actively?
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4. What should be recorded under “total policies in force”?