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Bail Bondsman Complaint

  1. Bail Bondsman Complaint Form

    This form may be used for complaints on bail bondsmen and runners. We do not act as an advocate or lawyer for a person who has a dispute with another. We encourage information about suspected business practice(s), in order of action, under the laws of South Carolina be initiated when appropriate. 

    Please complete and return to the SC DOI, Specialty Licensing Division. 

  2. Person Filing the Complaint
  3. Firm or Person Complaint is Filed Against
  4. Will you be available for verbal testimony if necessary?
  5. Attach additional pages, if necessary. Please provide any receipt(s), amount of monies involved, copies of contracts, copies of any correspondence received, and names of all persons involved in your complaint.

  6. The above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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