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1. How do I apply for a SC Safe Home Grant?
2. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
3. Can I go ahead and do home improvements and then get reimbursed by the department?
4. Do I qualify for a SC Safe Home Grant?
5. How do I make changes or corrections to my application?
6. How do I find the status of my application?
7. How long do I have to complete a retrofit?
8. How do I find an inspector or contractor?
9. Do I qualify if I rent my home?
10. What does the color of the status bar mean when I log in?
11. If my roof is already damaged, do I qualify?
12. Do apartments, duplexes or townhomes qualify?
13. I do not have internet access and/or an email address to submit my application electronically, what are my options?
14. Which counties are eligible to receive SC Safe Home grant funds?
15. How does the Department of Insurance determine who receives grant funds?
16. Do I qualify for a matching or nonmatching grant?
17. What if the cost of the mitigation project exceeds the amount of the award I was granted?
18. What do I need to apply?