Self-Service Storage Facilities

Title 38, Chapter 43, Article 5 of the South Carolina Code of Laws defines the regulations and requirements for a Self-Service Storage license. Self-Service Storage licenses are renewed in April of odd numbered years. The license renewal fee is $40.

If the license is not renewed by April 30 of each odd numbered year, the license will cancel. The licensee may reinstate a license within six months after the renewal deadline by paying the $40 renewal fee and a $40 reinstatement fee. A limited license fee is non refundable.

Renewal Application

License Requirements

  • Application: The officer or owner of the facility is to complete an online application through NIPR. Upon completion, the licensing and appointing entity must submit the appointment as well.
  • Appointment/Termination Form: The appointment for the facility should be emailed to our office.
  • License Fee: The $40 license fee may be paid by electronic check or credit card during the online application process.

The online application, appointment, and fee must be completed prior to the license being issued. Once approved, the license can be printed online through SBS.

Multiple Locations

Only one self-service storage facility license will be required for an owner. The owner may add multiple locations when completing the online application. 


Limited license:

The authority of a person authorized to sell certain insurance pursuant to the provisions of this article.


The owner of a self-service storage facility or his agent.

Self-Service Storage Facility:

Real property designed and used for the sole purpose of renting or leasing individual storage space to occupants given access to this storage space for the sole purpose of storing and removing personal property.