Limited Benefit Plans

These types of policies provide limited coverage for a particular health care setting, ailment, or disease. Some of the options that may be available to you are:
  • Basic Hospital Expense Coverage: Covers a period of usually not less than 31 days of continuous in-hospital care and certain hospital outpatient services.
  • Basic Medical-Surgical Expense Coverage: Covers costs associated with a necessary surgery, including a certain number of days (usually not less than 21 days) of in-hospital care.
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity Coverage: Covers a fixed amount (usually not less than $40) for each day that you are in a hospital. The benefits paid are not based on your actual expenses.
  • Accident Only Coverage: Covers death, dismemberment, disability, or hospital and medical care caused by an accident. Specified accident coverage that covers only certain accidents may also be purchased.
  • Specified Disease Coverage: Covers diagnosis and treatment of a specifically named disease or diseases, such as cancer.
  • Other Limited Coverage: You may purchase insurance covering only dental or vision or other specified care.

Contact Information
If you have questions, please call the Consumer Services Division at 803-737-6180 or contact your insurance provider.