Rental Car

Application Process
  1. Complete an application, Form 3700. The application is to be completed by an officer of the rental car company. Upon completion, the application should be submitted to the licensing and appointing insurer. The licensing and appointing insurer must ensure that the application is completed properly.
  2. Submit a certificate of authority, certificate of existence, or partnership agreement. A certificate of authority or certificate of existence is required if the rental car company is organized as a corporation. A partnership agreement is required if the rental car company is organized as a partnership. If the rental car company has been licensed in any other manner, that certification of licensure must be provided.
  3. Complete the appointment form, Form 3705. The appointment form should be completed by the licensing and appointing insurer and the insurer must indicate the type of coverage the rental car company is authorized to offer or sell on its behalf.
  4. Pay the license fee of $40. The check must be issued by the insurer and made payable to the South Carolina Department of Insurance.

The insurer must submit the entire application packet to the department for review and consideration. If approved by the department, the license will be mailed directly to the rental car company. The rental car company is responsible for notifying the insurer upon receipt of the license.

Please do not highlight any areas of the documentation being submitted to the department. Highlighted documents may be returned.

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