Education Requirements

Section 38-43-105 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, pre-licensing education requirements for producers only, was repealed on June 16, 2008. Bail bondsmen and runners are still required to comply with pre-licensing education requirements as mandated in Section 38-53-85 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.

The South Carolina Department of Insurance has contracted with PSI to provide the licensing examination for the department. Please contact PSI directly to register for an exam, pay the exam fee, and schedule an appointment. You can view South Carolina-specific information on their website or contact PSI directly at 833-518-7457.

Click here to view Bail Bondsmen Approved Pre-Licensing Education Course Sponsors

Required Applications & Documentation

The South Carolina Department of Insurance (not PSI) processes all applications for bail bonding pre-licensing courses, instructors, and sponsors. Please complete the required applications and submit all required documentation to the Education Office at the department.
  • Complete the instructor approval application, form 3618.
  • Complete the pre-licensing sponsor application/renewal application form.
  • Submit the appropriate examination content outline. The outline must have the page numbers where a topic is located in the course material. The outline must be submitted in duplicate to the department. 
  • Submit pre-licensing course material, quizzes, and a master copy of each examination.
  • Submit a classroom schedule. The applications must include a schedule identifying the topics that will be taught each day, time class will begin each day, time of breaks, time of lunch, and time class will end each day.
  • Submit a $100 filing fee for each course.

Registering & Scheduling Exams

Register, pay an exam fee, and schedule an appointment directly with PSI. All of this can be done online in just one easy step by visiting the PSI's website or contacting PSI directly at 833-518-7457.

After you fulfill your exam requirements, submit your application for licensure to the department. Passing an exam does not guarantee that you will be issued a license. If you take an exam unnecessarily or are found unqualified, neither the exam fee nor the license processing fee will be refunded.