Order No. 2022-04 was issued on 10/21/2022 reminding all Surety Insurers, Surety Bondsmen, Professional Bondsmen, and Runners and Other Sureties authorized to transact bail bonding business in the State of South Carolina of their obligation under the law when handling reports of noncompliance with defendants’ bail conditions including electronic monitoring. Copies of the order were distributed by mail and electronic mail to all licensees at their addresses on record with this Department.

Bondsmen who ignore or disregard reports that criminal defendants are violating the terms and conditions of the bail bond and who fail to act as outlined in S.C. Code Ann. § 38-53-50 and in accordance with the release order not only risk having their bonds estreated by the court, but they also risk the imposition of administrative disciplinary action by this Department.

A copy of the full order can be read here.

SC Code Law for Bondsmen is Title 38, Chapter 53.

All notices are sent via email. Go to to keep your current email on file. 

Pre-licensing Education Requirements:

An applicant for a license to work as a professional bondsman, surety bondsman, or runner must complete not less than thirty hours of education in subjects pertinent to the duties and responsibilities of a professional and surety bondsman or runner, including all laws and regulations related to being a professional or surety bondsman or runner pursuant to Section 38-53-85(A)(1) of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Please visit the SBS website to locate providers for location and times of classes.

The South Carolina Department of Insurance has contracted with Pearson VUE to provide the licensing examination for the Bondsmen. Please contact Pearson VUE directly to register for the Bondsman exam and pay exam fee ($59). You can view South Carolina-specific information on their website or contact Pearson VUE directly at 877-759-5226.

Note* If you are applying for a surety bondsman license, you will need to have an active producer license prior to your bondsman application submission. Please visit the producer licensing page for steps on how to obtain a license.  


  1. Professional Bondsman
  2. Runner Bondsman
  3. Surety Bondsman

Initial Application Requirements (Professional)

  • You will need to complete the 30-hour Pre-Licensing Course for Bail Bondsmen. 
  • Register for and pass the Bondsman exam. 
  • Once the testing provider has uploaded exam results to our system, you may apply and pay initial licensing fee of $400 via NIPR .
  • Contact IdentoGo to get your fingerprints taken. Bondsman ORI is SC920040Z.
  • Complete the  Additional Questionnaire, submit pre-licensing certificate, and a passport-size photo and email to
  • A minimum of ten thousand ($10,000) dollars shall be deposited in the form of cash or certificates of deposit pledged with the clerk of court in your home county. 

Licensee Requirements

Renewal Application Requirements for all Bondsmen

Renewal Period: April 1st to June 30th annually

Court Forms

Insurance Forms

  • Surety Bondsman affidavit to Proposed Insurer
  • Former Insurer affidavit to Proposed Insurer - no outstanding
  • Former Insurer affidavit to Proposed Insurer - outstanding

Change Contact Information

Visit the NIPR website to update contact information.

Insurance Company

This is a list of insurance companies that underwrite bail bonds in the state of South Carolina. 

Miscellaneous Forms