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1. What is the cost for fingerprinting?
2. Do adjusters have to be fingerprinted?
3. Can I use fingerprints obtained for a securities license or for any other reason?
4. Do non-resident producers have to be fingerprinted?
5. Is this a one-time requirement for renewal?
6. Does the report expire?
7. If I fail to renew or comply with Continuing Education, will I have to be fingerprinted again?
8. How do I submit my fingerprint receipt to the Department?
9. Am I required to obtain fingerprints if I am moving to SC to become a resident producer?
10. If I am already licensed as a resident producer and want to apply for another type of license, do I have to submit a new SLED report?
11. If I fail to renew my license or fail to comply with my Continuing Education requirements and my license cancels, will I be required to be fingerprinted again?
12. Does a licensee have to use IdentoGo to obtain fingerprints?
13. Can a licensee go to their local police station to obtain fingerprints?
14. Is there a fee or fine if fingerprints are not submitted by the end of my compliance period?