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Auditor IV (Financial Examiner)
Under the direction of the Chief Financial Examiner, and when assigned, oversees a staff of financial examiners to determine compliance by domestic insurers and HMO's with South Carolina insurance statutes and regulations and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Examiners Handbook and Accounting Guidance.

Assists in the training of and oversees financial examiners who examine statutory statements and other relative financial information of companies licensed by this Department in accordance with established Department procedures and NAIC guidelines to determine compliance with statutory requirements. Participates on large companies and priority companies and supervises small to medium companies with no priority status.
Develops detailed written examination work plans in a timely manner and ensures detailed and accurate work paper documentation. Prepares reports on examination in accordance with stipulated guidelines and ensures that work paper documentation supports examination findings in accordance with established Department procedures.

Auditor III (2 postings)
Under the general supervision of the Supervising Financial Analyst, the Junior Financial Analyst's primary function is to determine the financial condition of assigned captives and identify those companies that are or may become troubled. Once identified, the analyst is responsible for monitoring the company and determining if the proper corrective action has been taken using the established Department policies and procedure.

The analyst will serve as the primary point of contact for all financial analysis issues related to his/her assigned companies. The analyst must be knowledgeable of those companies' operations and financial history continuously from inception. Regular communication with Captive Managers and other external parties, as well as with internal staff, is required. The analyst will properly document and communicate to the Captive Manager or company all significant analysis findings, decisions reached, along with the supporting rationale, and will monitor company responses.
The analyst will complete detailed financial analysis checklists for annual and quarterly financial statement filings on a timely basis for Risk Retention Groups ("RRG") in accordance with established NAIC standards and Department procedures.
The analyst will complete detailed financial analysis checklists for annual financial statement filings on a timely basis for non-RRG captive insurance companies in accordance with Department procedures.
The analyst will attend meetings for examinations of his/her assigned companies as time permits and also assist with special projects and other duties as assigned by the Supervising Financial Analyst.

Database Administrator I
Administers the support of the agency's database systems and participates in the planning, implementation and management of complex computer information systems and customer support services in a diverse set of platforms and computing environments. 

Manages the daily operation of the Department's database systems, including database administration and maintenance. Provides for the security of the agency's data while ensuring reliability and responsiveness. Serves as the main contact for agency database related issues. Plans the design and development of new database applications and major changes to existing database applications. Becomes cognizant of the front-application frameworks that interface with the Department's database systems. 

Performs daily, weekly and monthly checks of the database system that are continually refined in order to anticipate and prevent or detect and resolve database issues. Reports uptime and other database metrics including query performance, user and query conflicts, capacity, etc.

Consults with staff members and end-users for preparation of needs assessment and solution strategies. Provides recommendations for the development and maintenance of effective business system support solutions. Assists with customer support requests. Provides documentation and training to IRM staff members and end-users when necessary, evaluates and implements database changes to meet end-user needs. Performs Help Desk duties as required.

Auditor IV (Financial Examiner)
Auditor IV (Financial Examiner)