Eligibility Checklist

The following requirements must be met to qualify for the SC Safe Home program:
  • The owner-occupied, single-family residence must be site-built, manufactured, or modular.
  • The residence must have a current valid property tax assessment record and is adequately insured. The assessed value of the building alone can not exceed $300,000.
  • Local permits and inspections are required as set forth by the governing municipality or county where the residence is located and must be secured prior to the implementation of any improvements. All building codes will be enforced by the local building service departments to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents and all projects are subject to random re-inspections.
  • Recommended improvements must be made by the grant reimbursement deadline which is within six months of the date of the grant award notification letter.
  • A completed wind certification inspection must be submitted with the grant application. The wind inspection must be performed and signed by a certified wind mitigation inspector.
The inspection must include an itemized listing of the actual improvements that are to be completed. The homeowner should maintain a file with a copy of the inspection report to include the photographs that will be submitted by the certified wind inspector as a part of the final inspection report.

Please note: Manufactured (mobile) homes are only eligible to receive tie-downs.