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Online Insurance Company Search Tool
Our online search tool for insurance companies allows consumers to find information about insurance companies licensed to do business in South Carolina, including contact information, licensed producers, types of insurance offered, and complaint history.

To find information about an insurance company doing business in South Carolina, please follow these instructions:
  1. After reviewing the list of insurers in the Market Share Report, select the company of your choice and write down the 6-digit company code number.
  2. Click Search for Insurance Companies.
  3. Type the 6-digit code into the S C Company Code field and then click search.
  4. When the result appears, click on the company's name to view demographics and license information.
  5. To view the company's complaint summaries and search by city for producers appointed by the company, click on the identified link on the right side of the page.
SC Market Share Report
The South Carolina Market Share Report is a complete list of the leading insurers writing business in South Carolina.  The Report is developed from the amounts reported on the insurers' South Carolina Fee and Tax Returns and verified with the amounts reported on their Annual Statement.  Federal Employees Health Benefits Program is included in Accident and Health - All Lines.

Complete Market Share Report