Company Licensing

  1. External Review Company

    Become an external review company.

  2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

    License yourself as an HMO.

  3. Insurance Company

    Review state-specific licensing information regarding insurance companies.

  4. Managing General Agent

    View managing general agent licensing requirements.

  5. Premium Service Company

    Obtain a license as a premium service company.

  6. Purchasing Group

    Review details regarding purchasing groups.

  7. Reinsurance Intermediary

    Apply to become a reinsurance intermediary.

  1. Risk Retention Group: Domestic

    Find out about captives.

  2. Risk Retention Group: Foreign

    Learn about foreign risk retention groups.

  3. Service Contract Provider

    Take advantage of services for service contract provider.

  4. Surplus Lines Application: Alien

    Access the Surplus Lines Application for aliens.

  5. Surplus Lines Application: Foreign

    Access the Surplus Lines Application for foreigners.

  6. Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

    Learn about TPAs.