Emergency Adjuster Requirements

Emergency adjusters must keep in their possession at all times a copy of the appointment as an emergency adjuster application from the appointing insurer along with the South Carolina Department of Insurance's disaster permit. Adjusters must have this documentation in order to be eligible to adjust catastrophe claims.

Emergency adjusters must also be able to present a copy of their driver's license or other valid picture identification upon the request of any state or federal emergency enforcement authority. State and/or federal emergency enforcement authority may ask emergency adjusters to produce this information and individuals who cannot will be automatically subject to disqualification from conducting emergency adjusting activities in South Carolina and their emergency licensing privileges will be revoked immediately.

All licensed and emergency adjusters must cooperate fully with county and municipal authorities and communicate entry or access problems through their respective insurer.
Verifying Information
Information provided on the emergency adjuster application will be subject to verification with each emergency adjuster's state of domicile in order to confirm the information provided to our department. Submission of false or fraudulent information to the department will result in administrative disciplinary action reportable to state and federal authorities, as applicable.
Insurers are responsible for the actions of their agents / adjusters and will be held accountable for such acts and/or omissions.