Retrieving Copies of Rate Filings

There are a couple of options for retrieving copies of rate filings that have been approved and closed by the South Carolina Department of Insurance. Please note that there is a cost of $1 per page or $5 per megabyte (whichever is cheaper) for printed or emailed files (emailed documents cannot exceed 20 megabytes), $45 per CD or USB Drive with as many files that can fit (the USB drives must be furnished by the requestor), and $50 per filing for files that must be retrieved from Archives. 

To retrieve a copy of a rate filing, you may:
Schedule an appointment to come to the Department where the filings can be viewed at our public kiosk. 
  • Tip: most people bring a USB drive with them to save any files that they need, instead of printing hard copies.
  • Appointments can be scheduled by calling 803-737-6113 or by email.
Request copies be mailed to you.
  • Search the rate filings via our web site by visiting our Company Filing Database.  When you find the rate filing you are interested in receiving, email us the filing number for each of the requested files and your billing address. Our staff will send the filings to you once they are retrieved.