Courses, Instructors & Sponsors

Application Information
The South Carolina Department of Insurance (not Prometric) processes all applications for courses, instructors, and sponsors. Please select the appropriate application and submit the completed form to the Continuing Education Office at the department.

Course approval is $100 for each course submission. When submitting an application, please use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Course Filing Form, along with the application submit home state approval letter, course outline, including time outline and a detailed course content (a course not approved in home state) for each course submission. Instructor approval is $25 for each key instructor application submitted.

Proctor / Disinterested Third Party
In accordance with the changes to Regulation 69-50 regarding proctor approval, we are no longer approving proctors. Producers are no longer required to use a state approved proctor to proctor their continuing education courses. They may now use any disinterested third party. That third party may not be their employer, relative, or minor.