1. Address Change Request

    Access address change request requirements and procedures.

  2. Appointments

    View runner and surety bondsman appointments.

  3. Bonding Issues Memorandum

    Read the Bonding Issues Memorandum.

  4. Exam Content Outlines

    Browse PSI exams online for more information.

  5. General Information

    Discover the requirements to become a bondsman, runner, or surety bondsman.

  6. Instructions for Bondsmen CE Submission

    Check out the instructions for bondsmen continuing education (CE) class submission.

  7. Insurance Companies that Underwrite Bail Bonds

    Obtain a list of insurance companies that underwrite bail bonds.

  8. Licensing Requirements

    Apply for a professional bail bondsman, runner, or surety bondsman license.

  9. License or Appointment Verification

    View the steps for license or appointment verification.

  10. Order to Be Relieved

    Read the requirements for a surety to be relieved of a bond.

  11. Power of Attorney

    Access power of attorney information and forms.

  12. Printing Letters of Certification

    Discover how to print your letter of certification.

  13. Printing Licenses

    Find instructions on how to print licenses.

  14. Professional & Surety Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions

    Get answers to frequently asked professional and surety bail bond questions.

  15. Professional Bondsman Affidavit & Monthly Report

  16. Renewals

    Browse bondsman renewal information.

  17. Professional Bondsman Financial Statement

    Professional Bondsman Financial Statement


    Exemption and Surrender of License